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About Swiss Dental Clinic

At our Clinic we have set up a professional Team of dental specialists who offer the most effective and comprehensive solutions for all kinds of challenges in aesthetic dentistry and dental surgery.

Each member of our staff has great professional expertise and they are top specialists in their fields. We established one of the most modern dental Clinics in Hungary to utilize this high level of expertise and knowledge. We are equipped with premium Siemens medical equipment and also a special, large-volume 3D CT scanner manufactured by the German Stern Weber company. This professional and technological perfectionism makes Swiss Dental Budapest the preferred premium dental clinic not only among Hungarian costumers but also for our foreign patients.

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Swiss Dental is a specialist in dental prostheses.
Our professional and experienced staff prepare durable dental prostheses that look just like your original teeth.

fogpotlas-2 We use only the highest quality, modern, anti-allergenic nickel-free materials for the prostheses. Thanks to the computer controlled CAD-CAM technology, our prostheses fit so perfectly and precisely that they are guaranteed to keep the underlying teeth healthy and protected.

If your teeth need to be replaced, it is not necessarily your fault.
With aging, you will encounter more dental problems and you will be more likely to get cavities. Genetic predisposition plays a large part in the development of this situation, but diet and poor dental care also play a role. If the decaying process is only mild, a dental filling or inlay is sufficient, but if a larger area is damaged, you have to consider dental prostheses or crowns. Thanks to our years of experience in preparing dental prostheses, we can easily take care of these procedures. Let our specialists handle your problem!

Your dental prostheses will look like your original teeth, or even better.
We prepare prostheses using only the highest quality modern materials. They fit perfectly, keeping your teeth protected and healthy.

Our high standards can guarantee you the healthy and confident smile everyone desires.


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The tooth replacement appliances of Swiss Dental are unnoticeable, have a perfectly natural look and are completely painless

During implantation, our main priority is to give you back the feeling of perfection that you had with your original teeth.

If you want to regain the natural appearance of your teeth – indistinguishable from the originals – choose the dental implantation services offered by Swiss Dental.

At Swiss Dental we only use the highest quality AlphaBio and Nobel Biocare implants.

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A beautiful smile in the shortest time possible

If you would rather not undergo three or four years of
prolonged orthodontic correction procedures, then
choose Swiss Dental’s almost unnoticeable 21st century solutions.

Orthodontistry is probably the fastest developing field of dentistry. Modern, invisible and aesthetic orthodontics are now available that were not possible before. These modern braces are much more comfortable to wear and the treatment period is now dramatically shorter.

If you want a beautiful smile, start wearing orthodontic braces today and the results will be visible soon.

The aim of orthodontics is to correct malpositioned or misaligned teeth to achieve a nice facial profile with beautiful regular teeth. Orthodontics, if performed well, will grant you a beautiful and confident smile, which will help you to make contacts more easily.

The world-leading Japanese and German techniques used in our clinic will ensure that the correction procedure is almost unnoticeable. More

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Porcelain veneers can completely hide minor tooth defects or cracks and superficial and aesthetic imperfections WITHOUT the need to trim the damaged tooth.

We apply porcelain veneers to correct broken or imperfectly shaped teeth and when the customer needs exceptionally beautiful, shining white teeth.

What is there to know about porcelain veneers?

We suggest using porcelain veneers if you want to correct a minor flaw on your teeth, such as discoloration of the frontal teeth. We do not recommend using veneers for severely damaged teeth or teeth that are decayed on the side. To strengthen teeth and correct discoloration after root canal treatment, dental crowns are the optimal choice. If you want white teeth but whitening techniques have not delivered the desired results, or if you would like have the gaps between your front teeth corrected, porcelain veneers can be the right choice. They can also be used to correct misaligned teeth that do not look good or on teeth that require shape correction.

It is important that when using porcelain veneers there is no need to trim the whole tooth as is necessary with crowns. More

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Our white Swiss dental fillings look perfectly natural.
They are unnoticeable, as well as being highly resistant and long lasting.

Attention! If you have old amalgam fillings,
you should get them replaced, as they can have harmful side effects.

When doing dental fillings, we use the most advanced anesthetic techniques so the treatment is completely painless.

The aim of dental fillings is to treat cavities. This is one of the most common dental interventions.

You need to consider two things when having a dental filling: First, they have to look as natural as possible; second, the filling should fit perfectly in order to stop the decaying process restarting at the edges. This ensures that the filling lasts.
Our standards and the technology we use guarantee you both.

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The general belief is that dental surgical interventions are the most painful ones.

Let Swiss Dental be the first to disprove this.

At our Clinic, we perform dental surgeries using the most advanced anesthetic techniques and we guarantee that you will not feel anything.

If you are averse to pain, choose the painless dental surgical services of Swiss Dental!

Dental surgery includes complicated tooth extraction procedures, wisdom tooth removal, dental root resection, sinus elevation and cyst removal and besides these, sinus closure, bone graft surgery, implantation, gum plastic surgery and all types of corrections within the oral cavity that require surgical intervention.

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The periodontology specialists at Swiss Dental finally offer you the treatment that will revitalize the health of your parodontium and gums and get rid of bothersome periodontic problems.

Periodontitis is the inflammation of the periodontium that affects the supportive tissues of teeth. This is caused by bacteria in the oral cavity – which are also present normally – and its main symptoms are red, inflamed, sensitive gums, spontaneous gum bleeding, a constant bad taste in the mouth, unpleasant breath or the development or periodontal pockets.

Periodontal disease is indicated if the gum does not attach tightly to or pulls away from the neck of the teeth or if it thickens. In such cases, there is almost always a considerable amount of plaque present. Retracted gums and tooth neck sensitivity are also typical signs of this condition, as well as gap formation between the teeth or loosened teeth.

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